KwaZulu-Natal Practical Pistol Association

KwaZulu Natal Practical Pistol Shooting Association (KzNPSA) hosts six leagues at various clubs during the year followed by the Closed Championships. All of the guns types are represented, namely Standard, Open, Modified and Production classes. (See photos under the Practical Pistol section) This means that competitors who use a Standard gun will not have to compete against shooters using Open or Modified guns where optical sights are allowed.

The shoots are scored as follows; A steel plate, when shot down will score 5 points, a paper target has three scoring areas A,C & D. The A areas scores 5 points, the c area scores 4 points for major factor and 2 points for minor factor and the D area scores 2 points for major and 1 point for minor. A no-shoot target (one that you are specifically not intended to engage) will incur a penalty of -10 points when hit. The Total score less penalties is then divided by the time taken to complete the shoot which results in a factor. The highest factor, for each class, becomes 100% and each score is then made relative to that score.

Certain handguns are classified into major or minor factor. Typically the .45ACP, the .40&W and the .38Super score major factor and the 9mmP is minor factor. During a shoot, ammunition is taken from the competitors and fired in their own handguns over a chronograph which measures the velocity of the bullet in feet per second (fps). To calculate the factor, the velocity of the bullet is multiplied by the mass of the bullet in Grains and divided by 1000. A competitor using an Open class .45ACP will have to achieve a factor greater than 160 or he will be scored minor. This helps to maintain the intended spirit of competition where the use of power, speed and accuracy will be rewarded.

For more information, use the link to the South African Practical Shooting Association and download the latest IPSC rules.