The Range premises comprises: The area allocated as per the current Ethekweni lease as amended from time to time, excluding the road leading to the lower parking areas.


All persons using the Premises shall only do so AFTER having duly completed and signed the Range Register Book.

No person shall engage in any type of shooting unless they are fully acquainted with and are in possession of a copy of these Range Rules and Regulations.

Visitors, except members of other Clubs that reciprocate the privileges of hospitality, may only shoot once they have paid the prescribed Range fee and completed the Range Register Book


Children will not be permitted on the Premises unless under the CONSTANT CONTROL AND CARE of an adult.


AT ALL TIMES, assembled firearms shall be deemed to be in a LOADED STATE and shall be handled with the respect and attention due to that state.


BY LAW, any person carrying a firearm or more must, at all times, carry the relevant licence(s) on their person and must be able to produce such document(s) on request. The same applies for Club membership cards. For your own protection, UNLICENCED firearms are FORBIDDEN on the premises.


All types of HANDGUNS, SHOTGUNS, .22RIMFIRE RIFLES AND CENTRE FIRE RIFLES are allowed on the premises, EXCEPT FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS. The firing of TRACERS is strictly forbidden on the range. Centre Fire Rifles are only allowed on the Eighty (80) metre range which is fitted with shooting tunnels and bays, ONLY THROUGH WHICH these rifles may be fired. The chairman must give his permission and notify all of the committee members in writing (EMAIL) prior to the use of a Centre Fire Rifle on the range premises.



  1. The BOTTOM two ranges are accredited for use/training of Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun.
  2. The MIDDLE range (200m) may only be used by firing through the elevation limiting tyres/devices. These are designed to ensure that ALL bullets are contained by the backstop. The BOLT of the rifle may only be closed once the shooter is in position to ensure that all shots are contained by the backstop. NO SEMI-AUTO CENTER FIRE RIFLES ARE ALLOWED ON THIS RANGE. The placement of targets is critical to the retention and containment of bullets. This range may only be used when a committee member is present AND with the approval of the chairman.
  3. The MIDDLE range short ranges can be used for handgun and .22LR shooting only when the 200m range is not being used.
  4. The TOP range is a Shotgun range for Sporting Clays, Handgun leagues, .22LR CLUB shoots, and may be used for sighting and chronographing manual rifles with the following restrictions. Rifles may only be fired from the bench and the target may only be placed at the 25m OR 100m backstop. A maximum of 20 rounds of CENTER FIRE AMMUNITION may be fired in ONE session. A committee member present must be present and the approval of the chairman has to be obtained BEFORE use. NO SEMI-AUTO CENTER FIRE RIFLES ARE ALLOWED ON THIS RANGE.



No persons shall be allowed on the premises unless they are wearing proper ear and eye protection. This includes all spectators and children.


No person who is obviously under the influence of liquor shall be allowed on the premises. Liquor will not be allowed to be consumed on the Premises during shooting sessions. After completion of a shooting session, alcoholic beverages may be consumed when all firearms are unloaded, declared safe and packed away in a carry bag or worn in a proper belt holster, without a magazine inserted, in the case of a pistol or without any ammunition in the cylinder, in the case of a revolver. No person shall carry a loaded firearm whilst consuming alcohol except, the nominated Range or Safety Officer.



It is forbidden to shoot at targets which upon impact may splinter, shatter and cause injury or cause the bullet to ricochet (glass, rocks, etc.). Only authorised impact reaction equipment may be used on the range, ensuring the accepted safety distances. Low targets must have tyres placed behind them to limit the occurrence of ricochets


1) The meeting is conducted under the control of the Section Secretary (or his/her authorised representative) and is authorised to decide on all matters connected with the meetings or the conduct of any person ON the range as well as OFF the range.

2) All shooting sessions shall be under the absolute charge of a qualified Range Officer or designated Safety Officer.

3) Any member who wishes to use any part of the Range on a designated day (Sundays practical, 2nd Saturday .22 etc.) and is not a member of the section to whom the day is allocated, must clear this with the Secretary of the day prior to commencing shooting.


4) A minimum of two (2) red flags shall be displayed at the following points when shooting;
a) at the top of the main driveway, visible from the bottom.
b) on top of the dividing wall on the main bottom range, closest to the backstop.
c) on the road leading to the top range, at the fork to the middle range, when either the top or middle range is being used.


5) No firearms shall be carried onto the Premises in a loaded state, regardless of how carried, whether in a carry bag, holstered or wrapped up, etc., but may be unloaded at the safe area at the top of the driveway. If it is obvious that the premises are deserted, and if the member is alone on the premises, firearms will be allowed to be carried in a loaded state with the safety catch engaged, or hammer down on an empty cylinder in the case of a revolver.


At all times, Range Officers and nominated officials will be allowed to carry one handgun in a belt holster and in a loaded safe state (safety catch engaged).

6) On arrival at the range, no firearm(s) shall be removed from the container without the prior consent of the Range Officer. If shooting is in progress, no person shall approach the firing line until the command RANGE CLEAR is given, after which they may enter a bay to install shooting equipment.

7) It is strictly forbidden, except in the case of a Range Officer, to touch another shooter’s firearm(s) without the prior consent of the Range or Safety Officer.

Any person who interferes or whose actions interferes with or annoys shooters, will be ordered off the Range.

8) Shooters shall at any time, if so requested, submit their firearms and/or ammunitions for inspection by any Range or Safety Officer. The same firearms or ammunitions could be declared unsafe for use on the orders of the above mentioned officials, must be locked away.


9) After each shooting session and/or series, shooters shall make sure that no cartridges, spent or live, are left in his/her firearm. All firearms shall have the magazine out, breech block left open, slide locked back, cylinder swung out, safe for inspection and in the appropriate cases, vacate the shooting bays. Once the firing line has been declared safe, no shooters may enter a shooting bay, and in the case of belt holstered firearms, such firearms may not be touched for whatever reason unless or until permission to do so is granted by an Official.

10) No firearms shall be packed away into containers, holster and/or cases on completion of a shoot until such a time as they are declared safe by a Range Officer, thereafter they will not again be removed from their respective containers, holsters and/or cases without the Range Officer’s consent.

11) No firearm shall be loaded (Cylinder locked home, magazine inserted and slide or breech block released) until shooters have taken their places at the firing point and the command to LOAD has been issued by the Range Officer.

12) With the exception of persons actually shooting and of those as may be necessary to conduct the shooting in a safe manner with the specific permission from the Range Officer and/or Shooting Organisers, the firing line shall be kept clear of non-shooters at all times. If shooting is performed in front of the benches on the main range itself, non-shooters shall be at least five (5) to seven (7) metres behind the firing line until all firearms and the range itself have been declared safe.


13) After loading, shooters shall keep their firearms pointing in the direction of targets, DOWN-RANGE. At no time shall loaded firearms be lowered below bench level or pointed towards either side or the rear. If a change of bay is required, any persons carrying a firearm shall only do so with the permission of the attending Officer and after having unloaded such firearm, when moving, the firearm shall be pointed vertically, held by the grip with the wrist at shoulder height, with the muzzle pointing skywards and the carrier will keep the trigger finger off the trigger and on the trigger guard.


14) Whilst shooting is in progress, the signal to cease firing will be given either verbally and/or by a sharp blast of a whistle. In such a case, all shooting must cease immediately EVEN if pressure has been applied to the trigger. Shooters will immediately engage the safety catch, remove the magazine, place their firearms on the bench, pointing DOWN-RANGE and stand back outside their respective nays. No shooter will re-enter a bay until commanded to do so. If shooting is done from a belt holster, shooters will engage the safety catch, holster and place their hands on their head. Wait for the next command to unload or resume with the exercise.

15) Authorised reaction target such as impact plates (Pepper Poppers), falling plates, metallic silhouettes, pendulums, etc. may not be placed at less than ten (10) metres from the shooting position. EYE PROTECTORS must be worn by all shooters and non-shooters are to stay well clear to avoid bullet splinters. Soft reaction target such as clay pigeons, etc., are allowed on the range.

16) Damaged equipment shall be removed from the exercise grounds and set aside for repairs. The Stores and Equipment Officer or a Committee member shall be notified immediately. All defective equipment is forbidden on the exercise grounds.


17) The cleanliness of this Range is the respective responsibility of each member or user and it is therefore expected from everyone to remove all unwanted articles he/she may have used and take them home. It is also expected from everyone, whenever possible, to assist the Committee when a notice is published to that effect to help and clean the Range.


18) Authorised organisations may only use the bottom range as it is accredited for training by NRCS. The use of the range is by written agreement with the chairman or his nominated representative and may not be used at any other time without written authorization. Authorised organisations must supply their own targets and target frames. No club equipment may be used.


19) A FIRST AID KIT must be provided for all official shoots.


20) Members should endeavor to avoid coming alone to the range for safety and security reasons.

21) Members are only allowed to use the range between Sunrise and Sunset, Monday to Friday. The use on Saturday and Sunday is restricted from Sunrise to 15H00. Exceptions may be made in the case of Provincial or National shooting competitions.

NOTE: The premises being situated close to private dwellings, members should endeavor to avoid disturbing these people’s privacy especially on Sunday afternoons.

22) The use of center-fire manual rifles is limited to occasional sighting-in and chronographing and must be approved by the chairman prior to use and a committee member must be present during the use of the weapon.


23) Should any member of the Club arrive at the Range and be confronted with people using the premises illegally, such members must record the vehicle(s) plate number(s) and contact any member of the committee as soon as possible. On their way out, such members should report intruders to the Bellair Police Station (SAPS).

It is therefore the responsibility of each member to ensure that Members and Affiliated members (Clubs and Bodies) only have the exclusive use of this OUR Range.

24) When using the range during any other days than official shooting days, members should endeavor to observe that shooting will immediately cease if any persons appear on the grounds behind the shooting range and a clear and non-abusive signal must be given then to these people to vacate the area.


25) All Keys provided to members, who qualify to obtain them after one full completed year of membership, must be kept in a safe place and should be returned to the Stores and Equipment Officer or to any member of the Committee when they are no longer required and/or on resignation of such member.

26) Any member who loans his key to a non-member will be immediately suspended from club membership.

27) It is the duty of all members and users of the range to ensure that access (main entrance gate) is kept closed but not necessarily locked while shooting is in progress.


28) Should any member of the Club wish to borrow any piece of equipment, such member must apply for permission to do so from the Stores and Equipment Officer and/or from a member of the Committee.


29) The responsibility rests with each shooter, without exception, to be conversant with these instructions and to consider himself or herself bound to observe and apply these rules rigidly. In the full realisation that, although a firearm is used in our sport as an instrument of precision and pleasure, it remains at all times a LETHAL instrument, and that these rules were not made to hamper or hinder your sport but to protect you.

30) Any person who infringes any instructions, wholly or in part, is guilty of an offence and shall be subjected to such disciplinary measures as may be considered necessary by the Committee.


03 September 2016



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